Frames vs Tables

Frames vs Tables

Frames divide up your browser window into separate areas. In each of these a page is loaded.

Tables divide up a web page into separate cells.

Frames Disadvantages:

Frames are not very good for web search engines to find and rate your website. However, it is possible to implement a javascript frame fix to prevent the blockage.

Frames they take up so much valuable screen real estate.

Frames are not fully supported.

Very difficult to bookmark an internal page

clicking something in one frame and then using the “back” button on a browser will yield unintended results.

Frames often cause problems in printing a page

Frames Advantages:

Ability to update every page on your site using one file.

Very consistent pages.

Loading times of a site are a lot less.

Tables Advantages:


All search engines support tables.

Tables Disadvantages:

Change means changing every page on the site.

Keeping a consistent design is also more difficult.

Because everything is on every page, the individual pages take longer to load.

Whole table must load before it is displayed on the screen.


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