Deliberate Practice for Programmers

This paper “The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Acquisition of Expert Performance” is one of the best research papers I have ever read about. Why? Because it open the door for anyone to be an expert in any field.

The main findings in this paper are:

1- Nothing called talent that will sit you among top performers, but smart individual hard work.

2- Keys to acquire experience are:

a- A task that is just beyond you capability.

b- Repetion

c- Observe weaknesses in your performance.

d- Adjust your performance accordingly.

How we can apply this to programming ?

e.g. I would like to know how to connect from ASP.NET VB.NET to Access and SQL Server databases

a- This task is just beyond my capability because I’ve done this before using Visual Studio 2008 Wizard, and this time I would like to use web.config and VB.NET for security reasons.

b- I will repeat this process until I know it by heart. Basics skills when know it by heart will save room in memory for next level skills.

c- I will search for other codes which do the same thing with much different way, and test the performance.

d- Adjust my code until it gives me the best performance and clearance so as for someone who will come later to read or modify it find it very easy.



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